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Sturgeon industry suffers as prices decline

Sturgeon industry suffers as prices decline The sturgeon industry has taken a major hit in the past year as prices for the fish have plummeted. Sturgeon farmers say that they are losing money on every fish they sell, and several have gone out of business. Much of the decline can be traced to overfishing, which has reduced the available supply of sturgeon. Additionally, growing demand for cheaper substitutes such as tilapia and catfish has further eroded prices. The sturgeon industry is now calling on the government to take action to help stabilise prices. This could include measures such as restricting imports or providing assistance to farmers. While the exact size of the sturgeon industry is difficult to quantify, it is estimated that it accounts for hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity. Sturgeon farm produces sustainable, eco-friendly product The sturgeon farm is a sustainable and eco-friendly business that produces high-quality sturgeon meat. Th

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